Movies with Amazing Plot Twists

person watching movie
Photo by Krists Luhaers

Some movies are so baffling toward the end that you can’t seem to grasp what really happened. That is the beauty of such movies because they leave the ending to your discretion or your imagination so that you could figure out what the perfect ending to the story could be. In order to stream those movies online, you need to have an internet that is great enough to stream these movies as fast as possible. Therefore, it would be a great idea for you to look into Spectrum Deals since they offer prices like no other, and that too with a lightning-fast internet connection. 

Once you figure out your internet situation, here are some movies you should consider watching because of the amazing plot twist that they have towards the end of the movie:

Shutter Island

Most certainly one of the best movies with the best plot twist ever. In the movie, we get to see Leonardo DiCaprio play the role of a U.S. Marshal called Edward Daniels who visits an Island that has been turned into a psychiatric facility. He is partnered with another U.S. Marshal who is played by Mark Ruffalo. Both of them go to investigate the case of a man named Andrew Laeddis as he is related to a woman who recently drowned herself along with her children. 

The end of the movie was enough to keep audiences with their jaw dropped because the end was so unexpected that no one was anticipating it. However, it is to be noted that both Mark Ruffalo and Leonardo DiCaprio did a brilliant job of bringing life to their characters. 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Ever wish you could have technology that could help you forget about your exes? That is exactly what Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is about. The movie is about a man named Joel who is played by Jim Carrey (and do know that this movie is not a comedy) and his girlfriend Clementine who is played by Kate Winslet. Both of them feel like they are getting out of touch and are getting more distant, so they decide on breaking up with each other and parting ways. 

As time passes, Joel realizes that Clementine has completely forgotten about him and upon investigation he finds out that Clementine paid a company to have all of her memories of Joel removed and out of aggravation, he chooses on doing the same. What happens next, we’ll just leave that to you to find out. The movie is brilliant in the sense that you cannot truly forget about someone even if you bring technology and science into the equation. 

The Sixth Sense 

How weird would it be if you were a kid who had the power to talk to ghosts? That is exactly the power that Cole has, even though he is just a little boy. At the start of the movie, Cole finds out that he can see spirits and he can communicate with them. He eventually seeks help from a psychiatrist who has specialized in helping children, and that character is played by none other than Bruce Willis. 

Eventually, Cole finds out that the spirits that he sees are here because they have some unfinished business and Cole helps them figure that out once their business is done, the spirits finally cross over. However, in the end, the movie has such as plot twist that at first, no one could ever anticipate what the twist was. It most certainly had people with their jaws dropped because they had no idea that would happen. 

The Truman Show 

Another serious movie involves Jim Carrey. One amazing thing about Jim Carrey is that he is really good in movies that aren’t a comedy, just like The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Truman Show. Imagine how it would be if your entire life was a TV show and you didn’t know about it. You wouldn’t know because everything around you seems so normal that you believe that is what life is supposed to be like. The movie gives you a perspective on how things are like for poor Truman who is kept in a “simulation” and made to believe that life is supposed to be this way, this “picture perfect”.

The truth about Truman is that he is taken away at birth and he is kept in this TV show where he eventually grows up. In the real world, people are out protesting for Truman’s rights and eventually Truman figures out what the truth is and it depends on him what he wishes to do next. 

Wrapping Up

These are some movies that you need to make sure are on your list to watch because the end of all these movies is bound to have you on the edge of your seat and you will definitely find yourself in awe of how amazing an ending to a movie can be.