With a combined net worth of $410 million, Stephen Curry and Tom Brady will invest in Virtual Reality Golf

With a combined net worth of 0 million, Stephen Curry and Tom Brady invest in a virtual reality golf game
Photo by Courtney Cook

Stephen Curry and Tom Brady used their $410 million net fortune to further their passion for golf by investing in virtual reality golf.

If NBA fans learned that Stephen Curry was out golfing between games, it would hardly be considered breaking news. It looks like athletes who play hard sports like basketball or football deal with the physical demands of their games by taking it easy on the green.

Curry has been playing golf for many years, most notably sinking an unbelievable 97-yard shot during a celebrity golf tournament in Tahoe in July. Fans have even questioned if he could become a pro if he so desired.

Tom Brady is another famous player that plays golf on a regular basis, primarily during the NFL offseason. He’d have had all the time in the world to golf after retiring earlier this year, but the 45-year-old can’t say no to another NFL title run.

Golf+ receives startup funding from Stephen Curry and Tom Brady. 
The combined net worth of Stephen Curry and Tom Brady is $410 million. So it’s reasonable to argue that taking part in a $6 million seed funding round wouldn’t damage them too much. They put money into virtual reality golf with Mike Trout, Jordan Spieth, and Rory Mcllroy.

The VR experience is available on Meta Quest and now has over 300,000 users. It promises to give ardent golf fans and pros a platform where they can precisely look to improve their game without being hampered by bad weather or time restrictions.

Given their passion for golf, it’s understandable that both Curry and Brady are participating. Fans would have thought that Michael Jordan would also be involved, but he is not at this time.

What other investments has Steph Curry made?

Stephen Curry, as the creator of SC30 Inc., has developed his business portfolio throughout his time in the NBA. Step, Literati, Tonal, and Oxigen are just a handful of the 2x MVP’s most recent investments.

It’s reasonable to say that Curry will be financially secure long after he retires from professional basketball.